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Axellium Newsletter - October 2016
Welcome to the October 2016 edition of the Axellium newsletter.

Axellium held an evening reception on October 6 during which a diverse group of professionals discussed "The Rise of the Independent Economy" and its impact on business and careers. If you didn't make it to the event, follow the links below to a short debrief and some pictures.

We will continue to create opportunities to share about key topics relevant to our place and time in the business world. The articles below are but a sample of some of the key trends and developments in business, marketing and tech in the last month.

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The Axellium team.

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Feature Article
Axellium Event: The Rise of the Independent Economy
By Axellium

Axellium hosted an evening reception on Thursday October 6, 2016, at WeWork's exceptional location at the Irvine Spectrum. Sharing drinks, food, and a fantastic sunset view of the Spectrum, attendees discussed current and emerging trends that (will) affect the way businesses operate and people work, now and in the future.

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Feature Article
These new features in Office 365 can help users work smarter
By Blair Hanley Frank, IDG News Service

Microsoft is going big on features powered by machine learning in its productivity services, with the announcement of a handful of updates to Office 365 on Monday.

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Feature Article
Three Predictions for the Future of Social Media
By Kara Lawson, LiftMetrix

This is LiftMetrix’s next installment in our blog series of interviews with notable social media marketers from brands across various industries. Throughout this series of interviews, we have accumulated their responses to several questions, including their predictions for the future of social media.

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Feature Article
17 of the Best Brands on Instagram Right Now
By Lindsay Kolowich, HubSpot

For a while now, it's been clear that Instagram isn't just a social network for selfies and brunch pics. In fact, Instagram sees a whopping 500 million users -- a 25% increase in audience size over less than a year.

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Feature Article
Why Open Beats Closed
By Greg Satell, Contributor, Forbes

The history of business has been defined by rivalry. Great companies, such as GM and Ford, Coke and Pepsi, General Electric and Westinghouse were locked in mortal combat and the choice for customers was binary. Strategy was a zero-sum game. You either won or lost. There was no in-between.

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Feature Article
Use These Green Beret Tactics to Shut Down a Meeting Bully
By Dan Bova, Editorial Director,

We've enlisted former Green Beret Sergeant Major (Retired) Karl Erickson to share military techniques to help you win the everyday battles that all entrepreneurs face. He's talked about spotting a liar, finding out if someone is trustworthy, and this week, he turns his attention to finding success in a high-stakes meeting.

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