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Axellium Newsletter - November 2016
Welcome to the November 2016 edition of the Axellium newsletter.

November is a month few of us will forget, but with the elections behind us, we can now turn our attention back to our businesses and what we need to do to keep getting more productive, more efficient and more profitable. Part of the equation is obviously the art of marketing and selling, and you'll find great nuggets in some of the articles below, among other key topics and news.

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Feature Article
"Ain't nobody got time for that": The content marketing creation challenge.
By Patrick Boulard, Managing Partner and Dominick Sirianni, Principal, Axellium

Content creation takes time. Lots of it. And time is something most executives and subject matter experts have precious little of. Yet companies now realize the absolute necessity to get in the digital content game.

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Feature Article
Crime, crisis and the media
By Adam Coughran, Principal, Axellium

Last week, the California Tourism Safety and Security Association hosted their annual training conference. Axellium Principal, and President of the association Adam Coughran coordinated and hosted the event. Coughran partnered with Stacey Escalante, of Escalante Media Management, to present this intensive four-hour course.

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Feature Article
14 Dumb Sales Questions Smart Reps Ask
By Jeremy King, Element Three

This is LiftMetrix's next installment in our blog series of interviews with notable social media marketers from brands across various industries. Throughout this series of interviews, we have accumulated their responses to several questions.

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Feature Article
Six Benefits Of Outsourcing Sales
By Jonathan Gray, SVP of Marketing, Revana

Raise your hand if your company is outsourcing a responsibility or two. Is it manufacturing? Distribution? How about marketing? Whatever the job or service, you're in good company. Everyone from IBM to General Electric is abuzz about outsourcing.

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Feature Article
Four Tracks to Market Leadership
By Jeffrey Rothfeder and Art Kleiner, Strategy & Business

Within a single decade, the music industry underwent a revolution in which digital upstarts triumphed over the market leaders. In 2006, record labels generated US$9.4 billion in CD sales in the U.S.; a mere 10 years later, their sales had dropped 84 percent, to $1.5 billion. The cause of this decline, of course, was digital online music.

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Feature Article
9 Leadership Principles You Can Believe In
By Charles W.B. Wardell III, President & CEO of the executive search firm Witt/Kieffer

Trust your instincts. How many times have we heard this phrase as advice for leaders? We shouldn't deny the importance of leadership instincts, but at the same time, we also should view them with skepticism. Many of our "instincts" are actually habits that were formed over decades in many different environments.

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