Axellium hosted an evening reception on Thursday October 6, 2016, at WeWork's exceptional location at the Irvine Spectrum.

Sharing drinks, food, and a fantastic sunset view of the Spectrum, attendees discussed current and emerging trends that (will) affect the way businesses operate and people work, now and in the future.

Things at work and in business are changing, fast. Jobs, careers, companies and employees aren't what they used to be.

Whether cause or consequence, the "independent economy" is taking hold at an increasing pace. This is or will be affecting everything. 

  • What does the future of careers - or careers of the future - look like?
  • How will these changes affect us as individuals? 
  • How will they affect business and trade? 
  • What will businesses have to do (and the economy as a whole) to thrive under this new paradigm?

During a dynamic and engaged discussion that lasted close to 90 minutes, attendees shared their perspectives about some of the opportunities and challenges that these trends present, including the role technology plays as an enabler both on the supply and demand sides.

You can see some pictures of the evening below.

We look forward to the next event and hope many more can join us.