Merging their businesses was the right thing to do for Patrick Boulard, President & CEO of Axcelysis and Robert Kelle, President & CEO of Trullium. Both had over 20 years of corporate experience as senior business and IT executives, and both had spent a number of years developing and operating successful but independent consulting firms.

The two firms had worked together on a number of projects, and over time, their collaboration continued to increase. Their shared philosophy and genuine drive to do what is right for their clients and teams drew them closer together and eventually led to the merger of Axcelysis and Trullium into Axellium. 

“Rob and I share a passion for energizing businesses by helping them identify and quantify opportunities to do better”, said Boulard. Whether this involves aligning organizations, improving processes, workflows or technology, Axellium’s approach and “Performance Axellerator” software ensures that management is clear about what areas of the business can be improved and why change may be needed. The analysis also shows just how much the business stands to gain as a result.

“Strategy is important”, Kelle added, “but as the saying goes, “strategy without execution is hallucination”. Not only do we have the tools to give executives the confidence they need to make the right decisions, we also have a method to make sure projects are implemented and objectives delivered. We get companies to the results they want, and help them develop an execution culture, so material improvements can be realized.”

“We both have held senior level positions in companies large and small, so we understand very well what it means to deliver quality professional services”, said Kelle. “Our experience gives us the required perspective to accompany our clients through the various transformative phases of their company’s life cycle”, added Boulard.

Through its method, unique software platform, and a level of service traditionally reserved for large enterprises, Axellium is uniquely positioned as the go-to advisory practice for mid-sized businesses in Southern California.


About Axellium

Axellium helps businesses get in shape and build the operational muscle they need to increase focus on their objectives, improve performance, and develop a culture of success through execution.

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