As you may know, MAPLE Business Council is an executive-level organization focused on promoting cross-border investment and trade between Canada and Southern California, and among Southern California businesses with Canadian connections. MAPLE's members and sponsors bring together the knowledge, expertise and resources to help businesses successfully penetrate and excel in these markets. 

Axellium has a deep connection with MAPLE, being co-founded by Robert Kelle, chairman & president of MAPLE Business Council. Like MAPLE, Axellium's mission - and passion - is to enable and accelerate business growth. With a unique set of skills, toolsets and experience, we offer tier-1 service levels to high-growth and mid-market companies.   

Axellium is proud to be partnered with MAPLE Business Council, and through a collaborative effort, we invite you to benefit from an exclusive opportunity to accelerate the growth and performance of your company.  Axellium will contribute 10% of any contract generated through a MAPLE referral toward your company's membership in MAPLE, whether initial or renewal.

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