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Axellium Newsletter - July 2016
Welcome to the July 2016 edition of the Axellium newsletter.

From startups to mature companies, growth is on everyone's mind. There is rarely a shortage of opinions about what should be done to achieve the vision. But execution is the key, and executing well, consistently, is hard work that takes thoughtful planning and dedication.

Successful growth implies improving both top and bottom lines simultaneously. Doing this well requires coordinated collaboration across the business, from marketing and sales, to operations and support functions. The articles below offer some interesting perspectives to drive top and bottom line improvements.

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Feature Article
10 common content marketing mistakes (and how to avoid them)
By James A. Martin, Blogger and Contributor,

Whether it's playing it too safe or forgoing video for simple words and pictures, content marketers often fall into the same traps. A group of seasoned marketing pros share tips on how to avoid 10 of the most common mistakes.

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Feature Article
12 Project management tools worth checking out
By Patrick Boulard, Managing Partner, Axellium

Project Management as a career path rarely seems to start as a well informed decision. How many of us who hold or once held the "Project Manager" title actually got into the position with a full understanding of what it meant to be one, how to do the job, or with the knowledge and experience required to be credible and effective? I'm afraid not many.

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Feature Article
Robots: Why tech advances mean the tipping point is coming
By Colin Barker, Senior Reporter, ZDNet

Munich-based Magazino is developing perception-controlled, mobile robots which can tackle jobs like picking goods in warehouses.

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Feature Article
What's the ROI of my video?
By Alyssa Lahham, Principal, Axellium

People use production companies because they know they make amazing, eye-catching videos. But as engaging as videos can be, how do we know what they are actually accomplishing? How do we know what the ROI of our videos are?

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Feature Article
Four critical elements of website localization
By Dimitris Glezos, Founder & CEO, Transifex

Companies looking to go global must tailor their approach to each target locale to create a successful customer experience. Let's dive into 4 elements to keep in mind when localizing your website.

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Feature Article
Process-based tips for scaling start up business operations
By Diana Davis, Editor,

Your start up company is in a desirable position: you've developed a product that customers want and will pay for and you're getting ready to start scaling up and growing your business operations.

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